Party Spotlight: The Epicentre Rooftop Day Party

After ten years of assembling tens of thousands of guests atop the Epicentre, Top of the Top, the day party that unpredictably rose to prominence and established itself as the most anticipated party during CIAA weekend prepares for its final, closing scene.


Culture19’s operator, Anthony Burno, undertook the task of transforming a temporary tent structure into a desirable venue that would attract hundreds of people.

“The challenges were always apparent. The venue, which was called the Pavilion at the time, had no brand equity. Being a temporary structure, it wasn’t a name people were familiar with.”
With well-known nightclubs and bars, such as Suite and Whiskey River, as neighbors, Anthony would have to find a way to convince partygoers to take a gamble on the unfamiliar and visit the tent that sat atop of the Epicentre.

“I will always feel as though this event wasn’t supposed to work. The headwind was so intense, and when you evaluated the risks versus rewards, it’d never result in being an opportunity worth pursuing. That said, the party’s success speaks to the trust my audience has in me to deliver a phenomenal event and the courageous venue partners who were willing to weather the early storms and continue to press forward.”
The early storm referenced is the first year when only half of the venue was occupied with guests.

“In hindsight, year one was necessary. I hate to lose, but I was able to see what we had going in our favor and the areas where I’d need to improve. The following year, the party sold out, and has done so year after year.”
Many things have changed since 2010. The rooftop venue, now known as Rooftop 210, is no longer a temporary structure, and the Top of the Top Day Party has provided lifelong memories for tens of thousands of guests.

“This is the last CIAA weekend in Charlotte for the foreseeable future, and I’m challenging myself to provide a finale that’s especially appropriate for the people who have supported over the years. This will be the most over-the-top version of Top of the Top you’ve ever experienced.”